ELC235 Paper Cutout Challenge

This week’s E-Learning Challenge involved using a paper cutout technique to restyle any standard graphic to appear as if it were torn out of a magazine by adding a rough, white border around the edges. 

Since the appearance of the edited graphics reminded me of paper dolls cut out of a book, I thought a dress code activity I created for an onboarding program would be a good candidate for revision. I exported the photographic characters that I had in the original, then popped them into PowerPoint so I could draw a freehand shape around each one. After filling the shape with white and removing the outline, I moved the white shape behind the photo, grouped the shape and photo together, and added a drop shadow for depth. I then exported the result as a new picture. 

Storyline’s updated media library made replacing the images in my file very easy. You can follow these steps on the image below.

  1. On the Storyline ribbon, go to View > Media Library.
  2. Since my graphics were imported, they were on the Images tab. If you use the Storyline characters, you can find them on the Characters tab.
  3. For each image I wanted to update, I selected it in the primary pane on the left.
  4. In the dynamic pane on the right, once the image was selected, I chose the Replace icon and browsed to the location of my updated images to replace them.

While I used the Curve shape to create the white scissor-cut outlines on my photographs, I tried the Freehand shape to get a sharper cut look around a Storyline Illustrated – Classic character to get a slightly different look. I added a fairly deep shadow as well, to make the cutout stand out from the background.

Adding additional effects to that image, like a 3D Rotation and a Perspective Shadow, allowed creation of this graphic that looks like a cardboard cutout. A similar image could then be used as background scenery.

 Click the thumbnail below to view the final activity in a new tab:

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